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SVG National Rugby Union elects new executive


A new executive has been elected to lead the SVG National Rugby Union team. At a meeting held on April 1, Sophie Goddard was elected president. Other members of the executive are: Vice President – John Townsend;{{more}} Treasurer – Andrew Hadley; PRO – Kemi Francois; Secretary – Denise Stephens; Assistant Secretary – Kimran Barnum; Club Captain Men’s – Guy Hadley; Club Captain Women’s – Nadine Allicott; Club Coach – Phillip Alvis; and Team Manager – Guy Hadley.

Newly elected President Sophie Goddard said “This is an exciting fresh start for the SVG National Rugby Club and a chance to create some great opportunities for young players through our youth programme.”

Outgoing president Jackie Defreitas also stated: “I am happy with my time serving as president of SVG rugby union and wish nothing but the best for the union.”

The newly elected committee has set forward plans to increase the presence of rugby in SVG, with community outreach and organizing of friendlies with other regional rugby unions.