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‘Sweetest win’ – St Vincent Grammar School’s track coach

‘Sweetest win’ – St Vincent  Grammar School’s track coach


The St Vincent Grammar School’s capture of the 2013 male division of the annual National Lotteries Authority inter secondary schools’ track and field championship,{{more}} ranks as the most memorable, according to the school’s physical education teacher and head coach Rawlson Morgan.

“….I have had wins before, but I think this year, when I look at the effort that was put in by the guys, this one is the sweetest wins….The guys lived through to the school’s motto: ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra’ – through rough ways to the stars”, a beaming Morgan told SEARCHLIGHT last Friday, one day after the school retained the title at the Arnos Vale Playing Field.

Morgan, who has overseen the school’s preparations on twelve occasions, recorded his tenth win last Thursday, as the St Vincent Grammar School amassed 275 points, to be the clear champion, and retain the title.

A pleased Morgan, in chronologising the events which led to his team’s triumph, noted that it was not as easy as it seemed in the end.

“…The day of the boys’ heats, when Mc Kish (Compton ) walked off the field limping, tears came to my eyes, because when I considered that I had a team that was laced with injuries and he was our main intermediate guy, and he couldn’t really perform at his best,” Morgan reflected.

“Last Thursday, I had to be doing a lot of what I call cut and paste… I had to be strapping up people, massaging, using muscle rub just to make sure people fit enough to run…. I remember telling the guys, look even if when you going down the track and you feel any pain, make sure when you drop down, make sure you drop down after you pass the finish line…. I saw guys going out there and really run their guts out,” Morgan recalled.

“I told the guys that our biggest threats were Central Leeward, Thomas Saunders, and Campden Park… I don’t want you to go out there and lose, but try as much as possible not to lose to those three,” he added.

Morgan said prior to the final day of the championships, he thought it would have been a close race to the title, but was surprised that his school, was able to win by 72 points, ahead of the Central Leeward Secondary, which tallied 203 points.

In underlining a total team effort en route to the title, Morgan praised the work his head of department, Suzanna Ollivierre; deputy headmaster Curtis King and assistant physical education teacher Lorson Lewis.

The teamwork went beyond the backroom staff, as the Grammar School did not take any of the divisional accolades – a repeat of 2012.

Taking the under-14 title was Brad Slater of the Bethel High School, who compiled 48 points. Slater was also the Victor Ludorum.

Rogike Thorpe of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School was the under-17 champion with 33 points, with the multi-talented Lemus Christopher of the Bethel High School the under-21 winner, as he tallied 29 points.

The Thomas Saunders Secondary docked in third behind the St Vincent Grammar School and the Central Leeward Secondary, with 181 points. (RT)