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Ballantyne takes Open Male title of LOG Enterprises North Windward road race

Ballantyne takes Open Male title of LOG Enterprises North Windward road race


Pamenos Ballantyne was on home turf Sunday, pocketing the LOG Enterprises North Windward road race.{{more}}

The Road Races and Cross Country Commission of Team Athletics SVG staged the event, which began at the old Tourama School in Sandy Bay.

Ballantyne clocked 18 minutes 45.16 seconds to be the first to finish, and claimed the Open Male category.

Taking second and third spots in the Open Male, were Ballantyne’s training partners Junior Ashton and Josnel Ashton.

Junior Ashton’s time was 18:56.31, with Josnel Ashton clocking 19:39.13.

The trio ran under the Chatoyers’ banner.

Casique Oliver, who represented IT DAT copped the Male Under-19 category in 20:14.93, ahead of Keron Arthur of X- Cel sports club: 20: 37:16.

Taking the third spot was Caswin Morris of the St Vincent Grammar School in 21:06.04.

In the Male Under-15, the winner was Alex Grant of the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua. Grant’s time was 22:17.51. Trailing Grant was Desborn Lavia of the Owia Government School. His second place time was 25:12.82. Third was Nelio Thomas of the Thomas Saunders Secondary in 25:54.46.

X- Cel’s Caswin Prince ran away with the Over 40 Male. Prince clocked 21:07.32.

Leonard Ballantyne of Chatoyers was second in 26:01.76.

Among the females, Linda Mc Dowall of IT DAT was the top finisher. Mc Dowall’s time was 24:00.23. Second was X- Cel’s Lisa Daniel in a time of 24:48.81. Alicia Cox, also of X- Cel, was third in 27:07.95.

Kerina Hooper of the Thomas Saunders Secondary claimed the Under-19 segment, clocking 26:05.69. Tar Joseph of IT DAT was second in 28:19.39 and third Delicia Baptiste of the Sandy Bay Secondary School 30:02.36.

Taking the female Under-15 female was Delesha Baptiste of the Sandy Bay Secondary, in 30:37.82.

The pair of Aaliyah Quashie and Ahkima Quashie of the George Stephens Secondary placed second and third respectively. Aaliyah’s time was 35:0.10 and Ahkima finished in 35:24.85.

Samantha Lynch of the Division of Sports and Physical Education won the female Over 40 category in 31:09.00.

The next race in the series is set for November 11, with the LOG Enterprises Sion Hill Sprint. (RT)