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Technical development centre to be completed by March 2013

Technical development centre to be completed by March 2013


The technical development centre, the main facility undertaken by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation at the Brighton Playing Field, as part of its goal project, should be completed by the first quarter of 2013.{{more}}

That assurance has come from the Raymond Trimmingham, the man appointed by the executive of the SVGFF to oversee the project.

Trimmingham told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday that work on the building is progressing steadily.

“The workers are getting the area just outside of the building ready… The building has begun to be painted … The next step is for us to do the necessary measurements to get the beds, stoves, washers and so on in,” Trimmingham said.

The Joseph Delves executive initiated the technical development centre project in 2010.

The building plan shows that the edifice would be equipped with dorms for 40 people and modern amenities for team training and housing.

A conference room, laundry, office, gym, lobby and a dining facility are among the other facilities.

Football’s world governing body, FIFA, is funding the US$400,000 project.

The project also includes the upgrade and fencing of the field, and the erection of bleachers at the western end.

But, Trimmingham said the field would get some attention later.

The entire project was initially set to be completed by February-March this year, but Trimmingham explained that there were some hurdles.

He said the change in administration in September last year and some unfavourable weather delayed work.

Trimmingham said that since the current executive took charge, the paper work had to be sorted out with the contractors and FIFA before work began.

Venold Coombs was elected president of the SVGFF on September 24 last year, after Delves demitted office.

The St Claire Leacock executive, which Delves’ team replaced, had proposed a football field as the goal project.

However, the land was never secured, as government was not prepared to give up or lease the choices of fields made by the executive.

Leacock and his think tank then proposed an administrative office complex at Quarry, next to the Grenadines wharf.

This fell through, as the land bought by the SVGFF was wrapped up in a legal tangle over ownership, thus shelving that plan.

Delves took over from Leacock in October 2007. (RT)