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Brighton Playing Field’s state stalling sporting activities

Brighton Playing Field’s state stalling sporting activities


The overgrowth of the Brighton Playing Field has made it unusable for sports and recreation for four months and the users are calling on the football Federation to address the situation.{{more}}

The government in 2010 leased the field to the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) for 25 years to execute its Goal Project.

Under the lease, the SVGFF is responsible for the maintenance of the playing surface.

However, the federation has not kept its end of the bargain in recent months.

SEARCHLIGHT visited the playing field last Saturday and the grass was almost knee-high in some parts.

The ground was also being used for the tethering of animals, mainly cattle.

Former national footballer and Brighton resident Randolph “Sticky” Williams, who uses the field often, expressed disgust at the situation.

Williams told SEARCHLIGHT the situation is untenable and needs urgent attention.

“It is really hurting us big time, as we cannot get anywhere to train and there are some good youngsters coming through and they can’t get an opportunity to showcase their talent,” Williams said.

He said two teams participating in the South East Development Inc Stubbs Football League — Brighton Star Blocks and Brighton Veterans — are disadvantaged because of the state of the playing field.

“The last time the field was cut was sometime before Carnival in June,” Williams said.

“How can you treat what you are in charge of that way?” Williams said.

Williams revealed that some time ago a proposal was made for the executive of the SVGFF to provide lawn mowers and the footballers would have cut the grass.

Meanwhile, the SVGFF’s point man for the goal project, Raymond Trimmingham, told SEARCHLIGHT on Sunday that he was aware of the conditions of the field and its effects on the residents of the Brighton community.

Trimmingham said his organisation had taken too long to address the matter.

Trimmingham said assistance had been sought from the National Sports Council, which was hamstrung by the lack of equipment.

“We will be making an extra effort to get the park cut in the shortest possible time, even if we have to employ one of those private firms which does that type of work,” Trimmingham said.

The goal project, which is being funded by football’s world governing body, FIFA, is worth US$400,000 and involves the erection of a technical centre, to house at least 40 persons, as well as the upgrade of the playing field.

Also in the arrangements are fencing of the field and the erection of bleachers at the western end. (RT)