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Calliaqua Football League match officials get update

Calliaqua Football League match officials get update


The match officials administering the 2012 Hairoun Beer Calliaqua Football League (CFL) were in a workshop on Wednesday night at Mareyna Bar and Restaurant in Calliaqua.{{more}}

The workshop was conducted by referees’ assessor Clemroy “Bert” Francois and was attended by representatives of most of the teams participating in the competition, as well as the core of the match officials.

In an interactive session, Francois used a PowerPoint presentation and zoomed in on issues relating to the restart of play, fouls and infringements and the offside rulings.

President of the Calliaqua Area Development Organisation (CADO), Foster Hannibald told SEARCHLIGHT the workshop was organised after observations since the start of the league two weeks earlier, of the deficiencies of the match officials in interpreting and applying the laws of the game.

“Following some observations, we decided to brief the officials and bring them up to date of the standard of officiating today”, Hannibald said.

“This year, we said we wanted to give as much persons the opportunity, so this is sort of a breeding ground for other workshops in the future,” he further said.

He added that if needs be, the officials will be summoned again to further enhance their officiating and upkeep the standard of the league.

The 2012 Calliaqua league sees 10 teams participating in the senior division.

Perennial winners of the league, Prospect, will have to fend off challenges from Glen United, Choppins, Enhams Playing It Safe, and Fair Hall, in Zone A.

Max Strikers, SVG Coastguard, Brighton All Stars , Highlanders and Richmond Hill.

The league also has an Under-17 division in which four teams are expected to participate.

Hannibald disclosed that the league should last about six to seven weeks. (RT)