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Teams showing form in firms’ football

Teams showing form in firms’ football


The top teams are beginning to show up in the Digicel/Aeropost Breakaway Masters La Fern Millington Firms and Industrial Football Competition.{{more}}

The competition, which takes place at the Grammar School playing field, is heading to the mid-way point of the preliminary round.

With 24 teams in three groups, the headliners are showing up.

Tony’s Combined Stores is leading Group 1, with Ministry of Education out front in Group 2.

Both are debutants.

Coreas/Hazells Inc., which reached the semi-finals of the league competition last year, heads up Group 3.

Meanwhile, Layne’s Diego Sutherland, with five goals, is the leading scorer of the competition.

When the competition was inaugurated last year, there were 12 teams.

Tony’s Combined Stores, Bonadie’ s Limited, Media Corporation, C.K. Greaves, Layne’s Ltd., General Post Office, Ministry of Health , Ministry of Education , Facey Trading SVG Ltd, Ministry of Housing and Agriculture Combine, St Vincent Brewery and ECGC are the new teams in 2012.

Each firm can register four female players, and a female must play at all times.

Additionally, players who get a yellow card are required to remain off the field for two minutes before their re-entry.

The much anticipated and entertaining competition, which is aimed at giving workers an outlet to display their football skills, will also host a knockout competition.

VINLEC won the inaugural league format in 2011, with Prime Minister’s Office taking the knockout.

Organisers anticipate that the competition should be concluded by mid-November. (RT)