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Table Tennis on board at TSSS

Table Tennis on board at TSSS


Students of the Thomas Saunders Secondary (TSSS) have another sporting discipline at their disposal, with the launch of the table tennis programme at the school last Wednesday.{{more}}

Level 1 table tennis coach Kamal Hunte, an assistant physical education teacher at the school, will conduct the programme.

In mapping out the programme, Hunte, who is a national table tennis player, used the abbreviations of the school’s name TSSS – stating the mission is to: “Teaching Sound Skills to Students”.

Hunte also unveiled that the vision of the programme is to give all students the opportunity to excel.

Hunte expressed his pleasure at the number of females who are enrolled in the programme, as he said that there is a dearth of females participating in table tennis and sports in general in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Principal of the TSSS John Renton, who attended the launch, was visibly excited with the introduction of table tennis to the school.

“We are starting something here which will be great for our school,” Renton stated.

The TSSS programme is in unison with the Department of Physical Education and Sports in the Ministry of Tourism, Youth and Sports.

Assistant Sports Officer Sean Stanley, speaking at the launch, indicated to the students that table tennis opens up avenues to them to be champions in their own space, as well as the region and the wider world.

Stanley also encouraged the school to establish, through the programme, a table tennis club.

He also introduced his tagline to the students, telling them “Make every table a table tennis table.”

The launch of the TSSS table tennis programme follows on a similar venture at the Girls’ High School. (RT)