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Hot Vibes Promotion building unity through sports

Hot Vibes Promotion building unity through sports


Rose Bank resident Stuart “Rudy” Louie is of the opinion that sports can bring about unity among community members.{{more}}

To support his belief, Louie, through his Hot Vibes Promotions, held a sporting event dubbed ‘Hairoun Suma Fest’ during the month of August.

According to Louie, the event attracted a large number of participants from the North Leeward communities, who competed in three different sporting disciplines.

Held every Friday night at the newly constructed Rose Bank hard court, four netball teams, four football teams and six basketball teams competed for the title of “Hairoun Suma Champs 2012.”

The Layou Orions won the netball competition, while Fitz-Hughes won both the football and basketball competitions, to earn the right to be called the Hairoun Suma Champs 2012.

“Sports in North Leeward can bring more love among the people. I also think there is a great need for the development of netball and basketball in the area.

“So, I used this opportunity to see if I can encourage the youngsters on the court and instead of doing idle stuff on evenings, they can use the time meaningfully by participating in a sporting activity,” Louie said.

Rudy, as he is commonly known, said he was “amazed” by the response by members of the North Leeward communities who supported the initiative and thanks them for supporting.

“Believe me, a lot of persons from different communities are saying they wish it could be an every weekend event and they keep asking,” according to Louie.

Honouring the request, Louie revealed that plans are to now host a similar event on Friday nights at the end of each month, commencing September 28.

“Apart from doing this event, I am going to continue basketball and netball sessions with the kids. There will be a morning session for basketball and an evening session for netball.

“So I’m going to start a continuous program to nurture the young talents,” he added.

The winners of each sport discipline were awarded trophies, while participants also won various prizes, compliments the event’s sponsors, Hairoun. (AA)