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GTC recommits to a clean SVG

GTC recommits to a clean SVG


The Grassroot Tennis Club (GTC) has reaffirmed its civic responsibility to promote a clean St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

And, as a mark of this commitment, the club launched its second billboard and “Bin it” campaign last week, at the club’s base at the Haddon Hotel Courts at Murray’s Road.

The new billboard has been erected at the entrance of the club’s parking lot.

Head of the GTC Grant Connell told SEARCHLIGHT that last week’s launch was timed to coincide with the opening of the new academic year.

Connell also said that he was moved to reignite the “Bin It” campaign based on a comment made by a top tourism official recently, who referred to Kingstown as “filthy”.

Connell holds the view that Vincentians in the main practice good garbage disposal, but more education needs to be done in addressing the growing concern of littering, especially in the city.

“That is why if you look at our two billboards, they are reflective of the beauty of St Vincent and the Grenadines, what the country looks like and what we should try and maintain,” Connell reasoned.

“The billboards are strategically placed in a school zone and are in the view of motorists, pedestrians and commuters in and out of Kingstown; that is why we are sending that positive message,” Connell added.

Connell contends that the litter act needs to be enforced as a means of curbing the pockets of indiscriminate garbage disposers.

“How many persons are aware that St Vincent and the Grenadines has a Litter Act in place?” Connell questioned.

He believes too, that many of the businesses in Kingstown, especially those involved in the fast food industry, and who according to him “are making a killing”, can do more as corporate citizens in helping to curb the problem of improper garbage disposal.

Connell said that the club will take the process further by placing more bins in the vicinity to aid in the process.

He thinks that the more profitable businesses in Kingstown and its environs should follow suit and make St Vincent and the Grenadines “clean and green”.(RT)