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Wizards clan claims two BBA titles

Wizards clan claims two BBA titles


The Second Division and the Courts SVG Under-16 Division of the 2012 Vita Malt Bequia Basketball Association tournament went into the clutches of the Wizards clan.{{more}}

Wizards took the best of three series final 2-1 over Blazing Heat.

In game one, last week Wednesday night, Blazing Heat won 53-36. The leading scorers were Jason Ollivierre, with 10 points for Blazing Heat and for Wizards, Xavaughn Dennie, also with 10.

Game two last Saturday saw Wizards rebounding to win 62-60. Dennie registered 15 points, but it was Blazing Heat’s Mickel Joseph who had a game high of 20 points.

Wizards closed off game three on Sunday, as they strode to a comfortable 66-43 victory. Wizards’ scoring was led by Dennie, who had 19 points and for Blazin Heat, Joseph accounted for 14 points.

Dennie claimed the final series Most Valuable Player award.

Young Wizards had taken the Under-16 division over Titans 2-0.

In the honours roll in the second division, Blazing Heat’s Mark Browne had the most points, 86 from six matches. He also claimed the most steals, 26.

Young Duke’s Delwin Simmons had the most rebounds, 95, also from six matches.

Simmons also pouched the overall Most Valuable Player award, as he had 70 points, an assist, nine steals and 13 blocks to go with his rebounds.

And, Simmons added the Most Improved Player award to his achievements.

The most assists were made by Blazing Heat’s Jemuel Hutchins, who had 13 from his six matches, while Orlando Blugh of Wizards put up the most blocks, 17, from his six matches.

Kelan Edwards received the award for the winning coach.

Under-16 Division

Scoring the most points in the U-16 Division was Sydian Warner, who registered 172 in ten matches.

Dragons’ Givin Forde had the most rebounds, 183 and the most blocks, 19.

Forde copped the Most Valuable Player award, recording as well 121 points, three assists and 37 steals.

Nicholas Lewis also of Dragons, the most steals, 63. The most assists went to Hornets’ Kaicy Peniston who had 17.

Denilson Lewis was adjudged the Most Improved Player.

The Most Valuable Player of the series was Young Wizards’ Jermaine John.

Special awards were given to two rookies in Adriana Raguette, who received a trophy and Shamar Phillips, who was given a ball, while the winning coach was Mickel Joseph.

Prior to Sunday night’s presentation ceremony, the parents of the Young Wizards team, feted their children in recognition of their achievement. (RT))