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Lowe wants no confidence vote against Coombs

Lowe wants no confidence vote against Coombs


Dismissed executive member of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation Guy Lowe, is unperturbed by the decision of president Venold Coombs to relieve him of the post,{{more}} but he is calling on affiliates to move a motion of no confidence against Coombs.

Lowe was served with a letter from Coombs on August 29, informing him that he had been relieved of his position on the Executive.

However, Lowe told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that he is a man of principle; hence Coombs would have never seen eye to eye with him.

Lowe and Dominique Stowe were Coombs’ first choices as committee members and were immediately installed at the September 24, 2011 elections.

“I am calling on the affiliates; you have the power in your hand; call a vote of no confidence against Coombs,” Lowe advanced.

“I must tell you in the first place, I did not want the position, as what I did was not for me, but for St Vincent and the Grenadines’ football, because I was not happy with the previous executive,” Lowe said.

Lowe was the mastermind behind the mobilization of the affiliates eligible to vote in the elections, which turned out to be a comfortable win for Coombs and his slate.

Lowe revealed that within a few months of operation, he began to express his displeasure, especially with what he deemed the “dictatorial” manner in which Coombs went about decisions.

“The transparency promised before the elections is no more; one cannot continue to abuse his authority and expect that there would not be any consequences,” Lowe stated.

Lowe said that he had penned his resignation letter since July; however, did not submit it, as other members of the executive coaxed him not to do so.

He said that it was one of the same members in whom he had confided, who told Coombs of his intent, hence, his subsequent actions.

Lowe, a former stalwart forward of the 1970’s and 1980’s, is alleging that the funds of the SVGFF are being mismanaged.

He referred to an instance when an international friendly was hosted here, and alleges that Coombs unilaterally made a decision to give patronage to a particular hotel, despite the Federation having to incur a substantial cost over the hotel previously engaged.

Lowe, in unveiling some of the inner workings of the executive, revealed that the sourcing of new sponsorship for the Under-20 qualifiers last month came about because of outstanding amounts owed to a local company.

Lowe is also alleging that a sum of money was given to a member of the public to procure equipment for the Federation; however, only half of the sum could have been accounted for by that individual.

Lowe disclosed that he repeatedly questioned many of the dealings at executive meetings, but could not get definitive responses.

Lowe stated that Coombs frequently accused him of leaking information, which found itself in the public domain.

This accusation, Lowe said, caused both he and Coombs not to be even civil, as little was said to each other for the past six weeks.

SEARCHLIGHT has been reliably informed that Donald Thomas is the man tipped to replace Lowe. (RT)