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Duke sweeps Vita Malt Bequia First Division Basketball tournament

Duke sweeps Vita Malt Bequia First Division Basketball tournament


Duke swept the First Division of the Vita Malt Bequia Basketball Tournament last Saturday night at the Clive Tannis hard court in Bequia.{{more}}

Duke completed the sweep of the tournament on East Blazers with a 77-54 win. On the night, Ishama Mc Kree was the hot hand with 32 points for Duke. Mc Kree, who had been Duke’s main scorer all season, cranked up several three-pointers, much to the delight of the enthusiastic crowd, although the encounter was lopsided.

Kelon Edwards poured in 14 points for the losers.

Both teams met in game one of the best of three finals last week Wednesday, with Duke winning 82 to 67. Again it was Mc Kree who led his team’s scoring with 18 points, and for East Blazers registered 22 points.

Mc Kree was easily the Most Valuable Player in the finals, as there was no need for a third match, and champagne and other beverages were popped at the end of Saturday night’s match.

McKree was among the awardees who were presented on Sunday night, as he scored the most points, 161, from eight matches.

Mc Kree also had the most assists, 32, with Bequia Tech Rising Stars’ Cregg Friday, the most blocks, 47.

Duke’s Jonas King pulled down the most rebounds, 128, in his eight matches and was the overall Most Valuable Player, as he also had 156 points, nine blocks, nine steals and five blocks to the good.

The most steals were done by Keon Mc Fee of East Blazers, 38, also from eight matches.

The winning coach was Seneca Mc Intosh. (RT)