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Suzuki Men’s Tennis Tournament serves off Monday

Suzuki Men’s Tennis Tournament serves off Monday


Sixteen of the top tennis players here will, from Monday, display their skills on the local circuit.{{more}}

Suzuki Singles Classics is providing the opportunity at the Haddon Hotel courts at Murray’s Road.

Last Wednesday, Joshua Da Silva, marketing manager of Star Garage, the local agents for Suzuki, in outlining the company’s involvement with tennis said: “Suzuki, in association with the Grassroot Tennis Club, is proud to be associated with tennis, as both are synonymous with excellent quality.”

Da Silva said he expected top tennis to be displayed, similar to what Suzuki offers.

Silky Da Silva, one of the brothers who leased the Haddon Hotel courts to the Grassroot Tennis Club, which is seeing the propagation of young tennis talent, made the presentation.

The men’s tournament takes place when several young tennis players who have received tennis scholarships are home on vacation and chinks the protracted absence of the national tournament.

The tournament is open to members of all local tennis clubs, with trophies and medals at stake for the top performers.

The tournament ends on August 24, with the presentation ceremony and a display of the sponsor’s products. (RT)