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Coombs admits to allegation


President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) Venold Coombs has admitted that he is the individual who had been given a stipend to travel overseas on football business, but never made the trip.{{more}}

Coombs made the disclosure following allegations that had been making the rounds in local football circles and on the electronic media that an executive member of SVGFF had been given an EC$2,000 stipend to attend a FIFA Congress on May 24 and 25, in Budapest, Hungary, but the person did not go.

At a press conference last Thursday, at the SVGFF’s office at Bentinck Square, Coombs stated that he was that individual in question and that the funds had been used instead among the football fraternity.

An unfazed Coombs stated that current senior national coach Cornelius Huggins can bear testimony to the fact that he distributed some of the funds to Tyrone Spence, a former stalwart national player, who is undergoing medical treatment.

Coombs said that in missing the FIFA congress, he lost more than he gained.

“What I missed [by] not going, is three times what I got,” Coombs lamented.

Persons invited to attend FIFA congresses, have all their expenses paid and are given a per diem by the world governing body.

A simmering Coombs continued, “I do not fool around with football money … I do not want anything from football; jerseys, uniforms come for football and I do not associate myself with that.

“One thing you can accuse me of is helping people,” Coombs conceded.

Last Thursday’s press conference was called to update the nation on some of the most recent undertakings of the SVGFF and highlight the upcoming events which will soon take place.(RT)