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‘Sports is the answer’- Mc Kie

‘Sports is the answer’- Mc Kie


Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture Cecil Mc Kie firmly holds the view that sports is the answer to many of the social issues confronting young people and by extension, St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

Speaking at the Prize-giving Ceremony of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation on June 25 at the Peace Memorial Hall in Kingstown, Mc Kie told the audience that, “Sports is the answer to a lot of the challenges that we are being faced with our young people”.

Mc Kie’s comments drew a unanimous applause from the half-filled hall.

In mapping out to road to the realization of such, Mc Kie pointed out: “We must come together, pool our resources, pool our energies, put our thinking caps together, so that we can provide that opportunity for our young people to be meaningfully engaged, so that you can take a path that will not take you down the wrong road, but to the road of progress, prosperity and development.”

Mc Kie, a former Track and Field athlete, requested of young sportsmen and women to look beyond the actual playing of the particular sporting discipline and endeavour to hone their skills as administrators.

“Yes, you might have the opportunity on the field of play, but you also have the opportunity as administrators, as technical persons, to take a career path where administration is concerned,” Mc Kie stated.

“There is much opportunity for the technical people in the sport of Football; referees, you have an opportunity to develop that skill and go on to referee in the region,” Mc Kie added.

The government minister also used the occasion to chronicle the progress of emerging Vincentian left-arm fast bowler, Dellorn Johnson, who Mc Kie believes is on the verge of being selected to a West Indies senior Cricket team.

Mc Kie also congratulated Team Crew, the Vincentian outfit, which won the inaugural Guinness Street Football Challenge in Guyana the previous weekend, which, according to him, is a good fillip for Football, as well as enhancing the national psyche.

The Prize-giving Ceremony was held to award the top performers in the four divisions of the National Inter League/ Community Football Championships which were staged earlier this year. (RT)