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Adams endures in cycling road race

Adams endures in cycling road race


Cammie Adams distanced the small field of cyclists in last Sunday’s grueling 50 mile Chatoyer Endurance Cycling road race.{{more}}

Adams was tops in the race which took cyclists from Kingstown to Langley Park in Georgetown and ended at Sion Hill.

The cool conditions which prevailed led to Adams clocking two hours 18 minutes 45 seconds.

There was daylight between the next finisher, the current number one cyclist in St. Vincent and the Grenadines Shimano Bailey, who clocked two hours 27 minutes 12 seconds.

Lucky Antrobus came in third in two hours 28 minutes 11 seconds, cruising to the finish line with exhaustion etched on his face.

Veteran cyclist Peter Durrant, who is celebrating thirty years of competitive cycling, was the fourth place finisher.

Durrant’s tine was two hours 29 minutes 40 seconds.

The others to complete the race were Albert Quammie and David Thomas.

The SVG Cycling Union, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture, staged the Chatoyer Endurance Cycling Race, which formed part of Heroes and Heritage Month celebrations.

Cultural Officer Anthony Theobalds was on hand and said that the prizes for the top finishers would be distributed at a later date. (RT)