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SVGFF community soccer: Sion Hill -out, Bequia – in


by Rollit Walrond Fri, Mar 23. 2012

The first round of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) community soccer competition which consists of three groups of six has now reached the stage where the top four teams from each group will be divided into two groups of six.{{more}} The intensity of the game will rise, so too should the players’ physical abilities to cope with the pressure of qualifying for the next round..

There were only two surprises in the first round. The moderate performance of Sion Hill did not help them to qualify, but the physical ability of Bequia made sure they stayed among the top four. The other teams were all expected to qualify.

Some may recognize that lack of relationship and understanding have caused teams to perform badly and have poor results. It was noticeable why substitutions were made; when individuals had to exhibit their skills and speed, also sudden change of play when in an attack, a player either passes the ball backwards or wider than the distance they are at goal, allowing defenders to recover and reducing their opportunities.

Referees can determine the outcome of the results of the next stage of the competition. It is important that teams pay a close attention to the decisions referees make, offside and fouls committed, which can also have an effect on the results of the games. Smarter tackling would prevent fouls near to your goal and shooting and scoring from far and in front of the defenders are the best options to defeat any controversy of goal scoring. Teams must now place more emphasis on feeding their forwards so they can shoot first time.

Players must also share their knowledge at practices to have a better relationship on the field. Spectators and fans are looking forward to an exciting second round. Since you are part of the team and want to win, give the coach the respect due, also at practice, encourage all to interact, put petty differences aside and discuss before practice what can be achieved. Remember, spectators come over to enjoy the game and others want to emulate the lottery slogan which goes: “You have to be in it to win it”.

A spectator texted me to say to footballers: “To play good, eat good.”