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Netball icons of yesteryear

Netball icons of yesteryear


by Patmos Richards Fri, Mar 2. 2012

With local competitive netball in progress, I thought it fitting to reproduce this photograph of a group of netball icons of yesteryear.{{more}}

The team featured here is JETs netball team, at the Nutricia Centre, New Montrose, circa 1967- 1968.

These noble ladies, some of whom I believe made their mark at the national level, must be revered for their outstanding contribution to this noble game; these legends of yesteryear laid a solid foundation for succeding generations of netballers. And our present crop of netballers should feel a sense of pride and gratitude in memory of their predecessors.

The game of netball has come a long way here in SVG. We have proven on several occasions that we could compete formidably with our regional and local counterparts. It was noticeable during the latter part of the 20th century that we were on a par with two of our formidable regional rivals: Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica.

In this collection, I recall that there were four national players, namely: the Huggins sisters, Woodley and Knights, the latter being the quintessential player among the trio. In conclusion, on behalf of the netball fraternity – unofficially, I pay tribute to these legends of yesteryear.