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Cricket returns to Owia community

Cricket returns to Owia community


Scores of Owia residents were in jubilant mood on Saturday, February 25, 2012, when once again, they demonstrated their commitment to the development of sports{{more}} in that North Windward community, with the successful staging of an impressive Sports Day event at the Owia playing field and hard court, featuring Netball and Cricket matches.

For the past two years, the residents have complained about the lethargic approach taken by the National Sports Council (NSC) with respect to the restoration of the Owia playing field, after it was used as a storage site during construction of the, Japanese government funded, Owia Fisheries Centre.

However, after having calls for the field to be repaired fall on deaf ears, several sport enthusiasts in Owia decided to take on the restoration project, even without any assistance from the NSC.

The cricket teams involved in the weekend action comprised players from Owia, while the netball contest saw an Owia team taking on the Kingstown based, Godfrey Harry led, Xceed Sports Club in an exciting friendly encounter.

Meanwhile, an organisation called the Owia Sports and Cultural Organisation (OSCO) was formed recently and according to OSCO chairman Arnette Pollard, more activities are on the cards as they work to maintain good community relations and re-introduce sporting activities in Owia.