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Soccer preparation – a must

Soccer preparation – a must


by Rollit Walrond

The SVGFF Community Competition is off to a satisfactory start with spectators, and as the competition continues, more spectators are expected to follow their teams, as their rivalry with the other groups increases.{{more}}

Listening to some referees and seeing the amount of dissent by both players and spectators when an offside is called, leads me to suggest that this concern needs to be addressed soon. The executive of SVGFF should have a meeting with both parties about the laws of the game, explaining the offside law to coaches and managers and at the same time discussing the fouls that are committed consistently, that can bring the game into disrepute and much pain for all to bear.

Referees must be unified in their decisions when they call offside. This meeting will help coaches and managers to work on causes, be it players’ attitudes, not being fit and not fast enough, or lacking speed of thought and reading the game. Now that this concern has been aired, correct measures should be introduced for the improvement of the game to satisfy the spectators, whom we want to return to enjoy the games.

I am not the SVGFF Technical director, but my articles are consistent with awareness, development and advice from that of a director’s desk for the improvement of the players, the game and the spectators.

There were two serious injuries since the start of the competition; this should make teams more aware that similar injuries can also happen at practice. So, it is imperative that the SVGFF executive ask Dr Perry DeFreitas to hold a one-day workshop on injuries and assisting the injured player in the time of need.

Apart from the offside controversy and those consistent fouls and having someone from each team becoming knowledgeable about assisting persons when injured, we need to see the emphasis teams are making of passes that “make sense” and are more constructive, and creating opportunities for scoring goals.

Coaching makes you more creative, and able to think and recognize the outcome of movement. When players take to the field, they have to make the necessary decisions after recognizing their opponents’ moves and ability.

Having drills and practice sessions without instructions and purpose is aimless, so it is wise that the entire team discuss each practice. Players need perception to interpret what all information means. Without perception, seeing means very little; so, if your coach has not been giving you an insight, like what you just read, then he is not ready to take you further.

Coaches and players who need help must not be afraid to talk to the few experienced and trained coaches. It is better to make a wrong decision than no decision at all.

We learn by being challenged, by faith, by knowledge of results, by correct practice and through the frequency of that practice. We also learn by good examples and standards, but you have to be interested and have enthusiasm, the desire to be involved, to participate and compete.

Good Luck during the season.