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History was created in local motorsport last Sunday, February 5, when the St Vincent and the Grenadines Automobile Association (SVGAA) and Street Tuners Auto Club (STAC){{more}} collaborated to stage the first ever drag race competition in the country at Pembroke.

‘Gangsta Drag Wars 2k12’ drew participation from 17 vehicles and one bike as drivers competed in various brackets for drag racing supremacy in the land.

Jason Moussa took the top spot in the 7-seconds category in his Nissan Pulsar, with Mikel Emmonds in his Suzuki Hyabusa, and veteran driver Steve Ollivierre in his Mitsubishi Evolution taking the 2nd and 3rd spots, respectively.

Charlie Thomas took the top spot in the 8 second category driving his Mitsubishi Evolution. 2nd place went to Obed Williams in his Honda Integra, and 3rd place went to Sim Knights in his Mitsubishi Evolution.

In the 9-second category, Ajani Howard driving his Mitsubishi Evolution finished 1st. Second place went to Keith Francis in his Mitsubishi Lancer, and 3rd place went to Marcus Bumpy Wallace in his Nissan 300ZX.

In the 10-second category, 1st place went to Bishan Thomas in his Nissan 370z, 2nd place went to Collin Sardine in his Nissan Sunny and 3rd place went to Andre Gaymes in his Mitsubishi Evolution, and in the 11-second category, 1st place went to Kevin Cruickshank in his Nissan Pulsar and 2nd place went to Shaundy St.Hillaire in his Honda CRX.

Adrian Harry (Nissan Silvia), Dominic Ollivierre (Subaru Imprezza), and Devon Daniels in his Nissan Sunny rounded up the other drivers who took part in the inaugural event.

Moussa, President of STAC, told SEARCHLIGHT that he was pleased with the turnout.

“The turnout was so good that there is no question in my mind that this will happen again,” Moussa, who doubles as the Public Relations Officer for the SVGAA, said.

“It was a long time in coming, and it was only through the collaboration of STAC and SVGAA that we could have pulled it off,” he continued.

Among those he credited for a successful event was the St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force for the support both racing organizations got to pull off the event.

“They could have said no, but they helped out,” he said.

Moussa has been a long time advocate for a venue to stage drag racing events, and according to him, last Sunday’s event was a clear indication that this was the kind of event local race fans had been waiting for.

In relation to his own performance, Moussa said that he was very happy to have beaten veteran and long time rival Steve ‘Cap’ Ollivierre.

“I am very happy that I did well. Me and Steve have a very strong rivalry, and beating him strengthened that rivalry,” Moussa said.

The next event on the calendar of events is a Tulip rally scheduled for February 19.(DD)