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Own the facility, says Miguel

Own the facility, says Miguel


Parliamentary representative for Marriaqua and Deputy Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel has urged users of the Cane End Playing Field to own the facility.{{more}}

Miguel made this pronouncement as she addressed the Opening Ceremony of the National Lotteries Authority Marriaqua Sports Association Inter Village Football Competition, last Saturday afternoon, at the Cane End Playing Field.

Miguel was speaking against the backdrop of some acts of vandalism that have taken place at the facility.

“Some people came and took advantage of the facility here, because the Marriaqua Sports Association was not well intact to take charge”, Miguel admitted.

Miguel said that in the interim, she had to use her initiative by appointing an overseer to safeguard the upkeep of the facility.

“Some people used to be coming here to charge their cell phones upstairs; they use the toilets, they don’t flush them; they try to break off the doors, and break off the wash basins”, Miguel revealed.

“Vandalism does not make for good”, she admonished.

“I know some come sometimes and eat little things with wrappers, and some people take the opportunity to throw them on the field; litter is not good for the home, nor the school, neither for the community,” Miguel commented.

“I want to come here feeling proud that the people who use this park here in Cane End, that you own it and make it the best in Marriaqua,” Miguel told those who were present.

In making her point clear, Miguel spoke of the many youngsters who came out before last Saturday’s opening, and put their hands in helping to get the field ready for the start of the competition.

The Cane End Playing Field was one of several sporting facilities that underwent refurbishment under the Social Investment Fund projects.

Among the upgrades to the facility have been the grassing of field, installation of some drains, the refurbishing of an existing pavilion, the erection of a structure which houses a bar, store room, toilets, and gallery to seat officials, as well as work on the perimeter fence, including the gates.

The playing surface, over the years, was dubbed the “dust bowl”, “the Sahara Desert”, among other names, as it was almost devoid of grass.

However, Miguel said although there is evidence of grass on the field, there is still a lot of work to be done to make it better.

The restorative work on the facility meant there has been no Football competition there for the past three years.

In the latter part of 2010, the Cane End Playing Field was formally handed back to the National Sports Council and re- opened with the staging of a festival Football match.

Miguel also used the occasion to hand over seven footballs to the organizers, the Marriaqua Sports Association. (RT)