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BMS receives Cricket gear

BMS receives Cricket gear


The Brighton Methodist School (BMS) last Tuesday morning was the recipient of Cricket gear from David Harry, a Vincentian national who spent over thirty years living in England.{{more}}

Harry has sinced moved back to his birth place, and currently resides in Belvedere.

The gear includes: bats, batting pads, batting mittens, balls, helmets, protective boxes, foot wear, among other items.

Harry, in presenting the items, said that despite not attending the Brighton Methodist School, but the Stubbs Government, he felt moved to make such a gesture, as he was born in Brighton.

Harry said he loves Cricket and is concerned about young people, and wants to provide them with an outlet to show their talents, instead of getting into deviant behaviour.

Harry handed over the gear to Headteacher of the BMS, Anita John.