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Athletes making use of locally made equipment

Athletes making use of locally made equipment


The rising cost of Track and Field equipment has prompted local coaches and technical officials to make use of locally made items.{{more}}

The latest to come off the assembly line are hurdles made from PVC pipes.

President of Team Athletics SVG Keith Joseph, speaking at his organization’s Awards and Presentation Ceremony on Saturday January 7, at Frenches House, highlighted those who are using their ingenuity in procuring such equipment.

Joseph singled out the initiatives of Calvert Shortte and Wally McKie, teachers at the Biabou Methodist School and West St George Secondary School respectively, for the foresight in being advocates in promoting the use of the locally made products in their Track and Field programmes.

Another coach and Physical Education teacher, Godfrey Harry, assigned to the Thomas Saunders Saunders Secondary, is finding the PVC hurdles to be quite effective.

Harry said that apart from teaching his students the hurdles, he uses them in ply metrics exercises, to build his charges’ strength.

Harry added that his implements, which were made by former Technical Director of Team Athletics SVG, Gideon Labban, are lightweight and easily stored, thus saving space.(RT)