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Adams: “There is hope in the youth”

Adams: “There is hope in the youth”


Featured Speaker at Team Athletics SVG Awards and Presentation Ceremony on Saturday January 14, Dr Lennox Adams, sees hope in the present generation, but believes adults are the guardians of their future.{{more}}

Speaking on the topic “Youth, Athletics and our future”, Adams, a former St Vincent and the Grenadines 400 m specialist, who was also a triple jumper, dispelled the notion that we are developing a lost generation.

Adams instead said that the adults’ guidance is crucial.

He asked that administrators of sport set clear measureable goals, which should be broadcast.

Conversely, Adams said that the athletes must recognize that Athletics is a ticket out for them, to an education and a decent living.

He challenged the young athletes not to be satisfied with being the best in their small space at their schools, but to aim for the highest at all times.

Adams also sent out a warning to track and field coaches, to desist from the “my athlete” mentality, which he said must be left behind.

Instead, Adams proposed that coaches should refer to the athletes as “our athletes”.

The first president of the National Olympic Committee here, Adams further called on all those involved in track and field athletics to pool their resources, as St Vincent and the Grenadines does not have enough to be fragmented.

Adams, a teacher at the Bishop’s College Kingstown in the 1980’s, referenced the success of that institution in track and field in those days, when they all were of like minds in ensuring that the school became a force in sports.

The feature speaker pointed to the exploits of Yvette Haynes, Jacqueline Ross, Caroline James, Gail Prescod, Bigna Samuel, among others, stating it was not guess work, but a concerted desire to do well.

Adams called on everyone to renew his or her mind, to ensure that the youths see hope and realise such hope. (RT)