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Greiggs doubles up in North East Football League

Greiggs doubles up in North East Football League


Sea Operations Greiggs completed the double in the National Lotteries Authority North East Football Tournament when they took the league title last Sunday at the Chilli Playing Field.{{more}}

It was an uncomplicated victory for Greiggs, which downed the reigning champions Carib Warriors, 5-2.

Phileon Lavia put Carib Warriors ahead early in the piece, but Collis Baptiste brought things level when he scored from the penalty spot.

Then it was the Omar Lavia show, as he struck twice in the first half to leave Greiggs 3-1 at the midway point of the match.

Omar Lavia stretched his tally with another two in the second stanza of the match to carry his total number of goals to 13, the most by any player in the competition.

Phileon Lavia netted his second for the dethroned champions, but it was too little too late, as Greiggs was the team to be joyous when referee FitzGerald “John Hinds” King sounded the final whistle.

Greiggs’ Omar Lavia was the obvious choice as Player of the Match, with his four strikes. He also secured the Best Striker award.

For the win, Greiggs helped themselves to $2000, with Carib Warriors pocketing $1400.

Brownstown Most Wanted earned the third spot when they defeated DESCO on Saturday, 4-1, in the third place play off. Brownstown received $800.

Other individual awards went to Cassius Franklyn of DESCO, who was declared the Best Goal Keeper, with the Most Valuable Player award going to Troy Browne of Brownstown and the Best Defender accolade copped by Greiggs’ Jarad Ashton.

Auntie G’s Rodox United was adjudged the Most Disciplined Team.(RT)