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RP Ballers complete the double title

RP Ballers complete the double title


The potent RP Ballers completed the double in the C & R Enterprises Sion Hill Netball Tournament, when they took the Pearson Education Knock-Out title, last Sunday evening at the Sion Hill Hard court.{{more}}

RP Ballers had a 61-45 triumph over Sydney Strikers, to finish their second successive year as double crowned champions.

RP Ballers led in all quarters, 12-11, 29-25, 43-35 and finally 61-45.

Shellisa Davis scored 25 from 36 and Gailene Gordon had 36 from her 40 tries, to power RP Ballers to another title.

Tamara Samuel poured in 15 of her 16 attempts and Joanna Christopher sank 30 of her 38.

RP Ballers had also taken the Sylvia Clarke Knights Trophy, the symbol of supremacy, on the opening day of the Tournament.

Shellisa Davis recorded the most goals in the competition, as she scored 198 of her 274 attempts.

It was Anella Samuel who claimed RP Ballers’ Most Valuable Player award.

Other MVP’s in Division One were Michelle Sam – Yanja Young Strugglers, Keriann Lavia – Owia Sports and Cultural Club, Kimesha Stevens – Sydney Strikers, Arlette Francis – Giant Malt Nice Radio Clinchers, Diana Robinson – Everready Future Stars and Naomi Williams – Star Girls.

Taking the second spot in Division One was Sydney Strikers and Yanja Young Strugglers, third.

C & R Enterprises Sion Hill copped the Division Two league title, with Karibbean Tires Confidential Girls second and Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem, third.

The MVPs in Division Two were: Mischa Williams – C & R Enterprises Sion Hill, Delonie Sam – Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem, Dorcia Sam- Trendsetters Sports Club and Nakeata Ollivierre- Karibbean Tires Confidential Girls.

The Most Disciplined Team award was won by Karibbean Tires Confidential Girls, with Janelle Hector, also of Karibbean Tires Confidential Girls, the Most Disciplined Player.

Cash awards for the latter awards were donated by Parliamentary representative for East Kingstown, Arnhim Eustace.(RT)