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Young netballers reap rewards

Young netballers reap rewards


Those who rose above the rest in the 2011 Vita Malt Secondary Schools Netball Competition were given their rewards at the Closing and Presentation Ceremony last Friday afternoon at the Kingstown Netball Centre.{{more}}

Copping the Most Goals award in the preliminary round of the Junior Division was Danielle Patterson of the Bishop’s College Kingstown. Playing in the Goal Attack position, Patterson netted 88 of her 149 attempts.

Taking the award among the seniors was Goal Shooter Kaywana Charles of the Central Leeward Secondary, whose 95 goals from her 128 tries made her the top goal scorer.

The Most Valuable Player of the Junior Finals was the Thomas Saunders Secondary’s Goal Attack Deneisha Gurley, and in the Senior Division, it was the Central Leeward Secondary’s Goal Defence, Naomi Williams.

Shanica Williams of the Troumaca Ontario Secondary was adjudged the Most Improved Player in the Junior Division.

Williams played in the Wing Defence, Goal Attack and Goal Shoot positions.

Copping the Most Improved Player Award in the Senior Division was the Intermediate’s Shaverna Samuel, who played as a Goal Keeper, Goal Shooter and Goal Attack.

There were also awards for the zone winners.

In the Junior Division, the Georgetown Secondary took Zone A; the Bishop’s College Kingstown secured Zone B, with Emmanuel High Mespo copping Zone C, and the Bethel High School, Zone D.

In the Senior Division, the North Union Secondary emerged winners in Zone A, with Zone B taken by the St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown ; the Emmanuel High Mespo, winners of Zone C, and the Central Leeward Secondary, the zone D champs.

Notably, there was no presentation of the Most Disciplined Team awards in both divisions, as has been the norm over the years.(RT)