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Netball returns to Layou

Netball returns to Layou


Competitive Netball returned to the Central Leeward town of Layou with the restart of the Layou Inter Village Competition, which was last held in 2003.{{more}}

The competition opened last Sunday at the Layou hard court.

The participating teams in the revived competition marched off from Velox Corner to the court, to the strains of the Seventh Day Adventist Pathfinders band.

Addressing the opening ceremony were Parliamentary Representative for Central Leeward Maxwell Charles and Chairman of the organising committee Wollis Christopher.

In the adjudication of the Best Dressed Team, Buccament Bay took the top spot, with Texeira Road Stinging Nettles Juniors second, and Ruthland Vale Juniors, third.

In the Net-O- Rama which followed, Texeira Stinging Nettles won the Junior Division, and in the Senior Division, it was Ruthland Vale taking the title.

When the competition began in earnest last Tuesday evening, Texeira Road Stinging Nettles recorded a 33-18 triumph over Buccament Bay in a Senior Division encounter.

The other villages taking part in the competition are Bethrimy and Cowdrey Village, with the Layou Government School participating in the Junior Division. (RT)