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Netball swinging in Stubbs again


After some years of dormancy, residents of the South East belt of mainland St. Vincent once again have Netball in their community.{{more}}

The Stubbs Government School hardcourt is the venue for the return of Netball, and last Sunday, November 6, saw the opening of the South East Development Inc. (SEDI) Inter Village Competition.

Six teams emerging from the villages of Brighton, Carapan, Stubbs, Bonhomme, Calder and Enhams are participating in the tournament.

From Brighton comes Brighton Combined; Carapan presents Desperadoes, with Stubborn Girls emerging from Stubbs.

Bohomme Ghetto Girls emerge from Bohomme; East Coast Strikers hails from Calder and Playin It Safe is from the bowels of Enhams.

President of SEDI Albert Harry, speaking at last Sunday’s Opening Ceremony, reiterated that the Inter Village Netball Competition, like the just concluded successful Inter Village Football Competition, came out of a consultation held last year August, when it was unanimously agreed that sporting competitions be returned to Stubbs.

Harry said that getting the various competitions off the ground was no mean task as they had to combat some “bad minded” people along the way, who were on a mission to see their effort fail.

Harry said undaunted by the obstacles, a Softball Cricket Competition will be staged early in 2012.

Stating that the administration of sport is not an easy task was Minister of National Mobilisation, Youth, Sports, among others, Frederick Stephenson, who is also the area representative.

Stephenson praised the Sports Committee of SEDI, especially Jennifer London, for her perseverance, even though he had reservations about having the competition, given the poor condition of the court.

Stephenson urged the players to make use of the competition, as it could be a stepping stone for many of them in their personal development.

In the adjudication which followed the formalities, ‘Playin It Safe’ claimed the title of the Best Dressed Team.

Playin It Safe, which competes in several community competitions, as well as the National Club Tournament, recorded the first win as competition began in earnest.

Playin It Safe got past East Coast Strikers 18-16 to take the honours in the opening salvo.

With no lights available at the facility, one match is set to be played daily, Mondays to Fridays, with double headers carded for Saturdays and Sundays, as teams play each other twice in the preliminary phase of the competition. (RT)