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Samuel running things

Samuel running things


Emerging middle distance athlete Ezra Samuel has won his third consecutive individual race in Team Athletics SVG’s 2011 calendar.{{more}}

Samuel, last Sunday, was the first to breast the tape in the Log Enterprises Rabacca to Byera road race, which was forced to end at Chester Cottage because of another sporting event taking place in the vicinity of the intended finish line.

In the process, Samuel, who represents IT DAT, a new Track and Field organisation, finished ahead of the other competitors, while taking the Male Under-19 category.

Second in the Male Under-19 was Iran Mack, with Shammon Hooper taking the third place.

Prior to Sunday’s event, Samuel won races in his age group in the North Windward race and the Cross Country events.

He will be looking to take the Sion Hill Sprint, which comes off this Sunday.

In the other categories, Shafique Maloney captured the Female Under-15, with Kenna Hooper second, and Tara Joseph, third.

In the Under-15 Males, first was Chaze John, second Whasim Nickie and third was Alex Grant.

Taking the Females Under-19 was Amada Francois, with Moriah King settling for second and Shantel John third.

Like Samuel, Francois made it three in a row in her age group.

Nadia Delpesche, another of the IT DAT athletes, won the Females Over-19 category. Linda Mc Dowall was second and Sheva Butcher completed the top three finishers.

Junior Ashton, who is making a return to road racing, won the Male Over 19. Second was Josnel Ashton and third was Dwight Baptiste.

The other category which saw completion was the Male Veterans, which was won by Caswin Prince, ahead of Benedict Ballantyne and Leonard Ballantyne.

It was also Prince’s third successive triumph in the group for those who have advanced in age. (RT)