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Rounders to be revived in Bequia


by Denika Compton Fri, Oct 28. 2011

The sport of Rounders is to be revived in the village of Paget Farm, Bequia, in an effort to bring the community together.{{more}}

According to villagers, the well-loved sport of Rounders, in years past, was a means of bringing the community closer together.

Rounders is a sport similar to baseball. Teams are made up of eleven players and persons can be given out by catching, hitting the pole or striking out. One full run around the four poles gives a team a rounder, while three consecutive ‘no balls’ give half of a rounder. The team with the most rounders wins.

According to Corporal Meldon James, a police officer attached to the Paget Farm Police Station, who is aiding in the revival of the sport, the last tournament was played in 2007. James said that five teams have already registered for this year’s tournament. The teams include Starlet, champions of the last tournament, Shining Star, Graduates Combine 1, Graduates Combine 2 and Under Cover.

The beginning of the tournament will see an opening ceremony on October 27, 2011, at the Paget Farm playing field.

James stated that there will be a series of friendly matches between registered teams and a March Past, from which the best dressed team will be selected. He said that at the end of the tournament, trophies will be given, along with other prizes.

James said he hopes that the tournament will be the beginning of great things to come and that this revival will result in an annual tournament. He urges the villagers to support this venture so that the community spiritedness can return.