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SLR/ TBPO pairs Domino competition reaches last nine


Nine pairs have advanced to next round of the SLR Top Belair Progressive Organisation Domino competition.{{more}}

The pairs moving into the new round are Calbert Nero and Cosmos Hackshaw; Kerwin Smart and Nikos Bruce; Carlos Williams and Asquite Edwards; Bernard Bushay and Alvin Hope; Joseph Caesar and Edward Davis; Charles Bailey and Aron Bascombe; Rajiv Roberts and Joseph Soleyn; Joel Pompey and Lionel Hoyte; as well as Hoesea Thomas and Joel Providence.

The knockout competition, which started with 36 pairs, has been generating great interest as the best Domino players throughout the state to compete to see who will be crowned the first SLR/TBPO Domino champion.

The Domino competition is staged on Sundays at the Dauphine Community Centre, following the NLA TBPO Softball Cricket Competition.

The winning pair will each receive a laptop, plus $500.00, a case of SLR and Dominos.