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JEMS, SEDI partner in second annual community sports and development extravaganza

JEMS, SEDI partner in second annual community sports and development extravaganza


Competitive team sports, track and field events, relay races, tug-of-war, table games and a greasy-pig event will headline the 2nd Annual Community Sports and Development Extravaganza in St. Vincent this Independence Day.{{more}} The all-day HIV and AIDS Awareness event gets underway with village competitions in cricket, football and netball at 9:00 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 27, at the Stubbs Community Playing Field.

Jointly sponsored by JEMS Progressive Community Organization and sister-organization Southeast Development Inc. (SEDI), the event promises “something for everyone,” according to organizers.

“Whether you’re interested in playing football, cricket or netball, running in athletic events, juggling a lime on a spoon, pulling a large rope against another team, wrestling with a greasy pig, playing Dominoes, listening to steel pan music, trying out the good food and beverages, or just sitting back and watching it all, you’ll find something fun to do at this year’s Extravaganza,” promises SEDI President Albert Harry.

A special attraction this year is a “greasy pig’ fundraising event, which offers a pig as a prize to anyone who is able to catch and hold a greased pig within a limited time frame.

“The event is all about bringing individuals, families and communities together for a day of wholesome and fun activities,” notes JEMS President Rhonda Lee, who is also committed to making the event an opportunity to build awareness about a serious topic: HIV and AIDS Prevention.

Last year, SEDI undertook an initiative to revitalize sporting activities among communities in the Southeast sector of the island.

The JEMS/SEDI Community Sports and Development Extravaganza is an annual culmination of the increased commitment to “Rekindle Community Spirit through Sports.”

The event is funded by a grant from the United States Peace Corps and USAID, with support from the Division of Physical Education and Sports, the National AIDS Secretariat and Octagon Restaurant.