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Browne outlines plans for Grammar School Playing Field

Browne outlines plans for Grammar School Playing Field


Manager of the National Sports Council (NSC) Osbourne Browne has outlined several plans for the further development of the Grammar School Playing Field, also known as the Richmond Hill Playing Field.{{more}}

Browne, speaking at last Saturday’s start of the inaugural Firms Football Tournament at the said venue, said that in the pipeline is the covering of the two bleachers at the facility.

Browne threw out the suggestion to title sponsors of the tournament to be a part, as it will afford them conspicuous signage.

The NSC Manager reiterated that the lighting of the facility is still in train, and that improvements will be done to its fencing.

Browne revealed that the long awaited management committee will soon re-constituted to facilitate proper use of the playing field.

Browne reminded those present that the centrally located playing field is the most demanded in the state, hence more vigilance and prudence should be employed in order to maintain its longevity.

He called on “overzealous” users of the facility to act with a conscience, especially when it rains.

Browne further suggested that with some of the sprucing up planned that the walls be used to pay homage to persons who have made their mark on the national scene, who learned their craft on the Grammar School / Richmond Hill Playing Field.

The NSC Manager, who was standing in at the opening ceremony for Minister of National Mobilisation, Youth, Sports etc. Frederick Stephenson, named the contribution of members of the Ballantyne, Trimmingham, Browne and Ollivierre families as the immediate inductees. (RT)