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Clinic for Basketball coaches commences

Clinic for Basketball coaches commences


A technical course for local basketball coaches commenced here last Wednesday, September 28.{{more}}

The coaching clinic is being facilitated by certified International Basketball Federation (FIBA) coach Nelson Isley and is open to all coaches and physical education teachers throughout the country.

According to Cleophas Glynn, SVG Basketball Federation President, the clinic comes at a time when the Federation has been pursuing a national coaching strategy.

Glynn further said, at a press conference on Wednesday, September 28, that there was a need to have more coaches in order to implement the Federation’s developmental plans, which include developing a programme for youths.

Coaches needed to become equipped in order to get in with the national plan, Glynn said.

“We have seen the numbers dwindling and we need to get coaches into the game,” he said, adding that existing coaches needed to get back into the game.

It is expected that Isley will conduct levels 1 and 2 training which cover the basic fundamentals, Glynn explained.

“So we are extremely happy to have the coach with us,” Glynn said.

Meanwhile, Isley, who conducted similar sessions here previously, said that things were beginning to look up for the sport here.

“But it is going to take time to the podium in just a few years,” he said.

“It’s a long, long process,” Isley continued.

He identified the poor facilities as one area which needed to be addressed.

“Infrastructure is a huge problem here,” he said, adding that the absence of an indoor facility was proving problematic to the progression of the development of the game.

But he reiterated the point that progress was, however, being made and that the experience from last year’s Commonwealth games in Puerto Rico was good exposure for the country.

Isley was expected to travel to Bequia last Friday to conduct sessions there until Sunday, October 2.

All other sessions will be begin at 5 pm at the New Montrose hard court.

The coaching clinic will run until October 10.(DD)