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The Mound’s final rites

The Mound’s final rites


The obstructive Mound at the Sion Hill Playing Field had the final rites dealt on it last Tuesday, when its remains were trucked to the western side of the facility.{{more}}

The Mound was erected when the field was redone in 2007, in preparation for warm up matches ahead of the hosting the Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean.

However, over time, the needless addition proved a cause of concern for many.

It was thought to serve little purpose, as it restricted the size of the playing field.

Heavy showers last year August exposed the deficiencies of the redo of the outfield, hence corrective work had to be done.

In June, the entire outfield was dug up, making way for re-grassing and doing away with the sand based layer.

The Mound had to give way, as the space was needed in order to return the field to its former size.

Also part of the plan is the use of the dirt from the Mound to back fill the western side and assist in correcting the problem of drainage.

But out of evil cometh good, as moves are afoot to get an athletics track put down at the Sion Hill Playing Field.

The effort is being pursued vigourously, with Team Athletics SVG spearheading the move to have the proposal become a reality.

And, signs are favourable of it coming to fruition, with the major players working out the technical matters.

The Sion Hill Playing Field, along with Arnos Vale One and Two and the Stubbs Playing Field, underwent major upgrades in 2006, at a total cost of approximately EC$54 Million.

Among the things done to the Sion Hill Playing Field were the resurfacing and re-grassing of the entire outfield, a drainage system, the erection of a perimeter fence and the construction of a pavilion, dressing rooms, umpires room, kitchenette and a small office space.

The upgrade of the four facilities included the introduction of sand based outfields, which were done under the auspices of the then Local Organising Committee (LOC), which was set up specifically for the World Cup. That committee has since been dissolved. (RT)