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Goal Project taking shape

Goal Project taking shape


The Goal Project being undertaken by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) is taking shape.{{more}}

The Project, which is long overdue, is the construction of a Technical Centre at the Brighton Playing Field.

The Centre, which involves the construction of a two-floor building, is into the first few weeks of an estimated forty weeks of construction.

The project is under the guidance of McLauren Mornix, of Mornix Construction Company, the company which secured the construction contract.

Also engaged in the execution of the Project is Construction and Property Development Services, operated by Arthur Guy. The works are estimated at EC$1.348 million.

The SVGFF was able to obtain a twenty-five year lease on the land from central government, in making the project a reality.

Funding for the Goal Project comes from Football’s governing body FIFA, to the tune of US$400,000 which is equivalent to approximately EC$1.1 million.

Apart from the two-floor building, the erection of bleachers, fencing and other improvements to the Brighton Playing Field form the other facets of the project.

The main centre of the building will serve several purposes, as it will be equipped with dorms to hold forty players, and outfitted with modern amenities necessary for team training and housing.

Among the facilities are a conference room, laundry, office, gym, lobby area, and dining facility.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the site last Saturday afternoon, work was in progress on the ground floor, with workmen inserting the necessary plumbing fixtures.

With construction fully underway, residents of the area are not being affected, as they still have access to the playing field.

When completed, the new facility will not be exclusively the SVGFF’s property, but would be available for use by the residents.

The Technical Centre is expected to be used by the SVGFF to provide national teams with a field on which to train in preparation for regional and international ventures and competitions.

The Technical Centre should provide a financial ease for the SVGFF, which presently has to house teams at hotels at commercial rates, which over the years have dented the Federation’s coffers.

The entire project should be completed during the first half of 2012.(RT)