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Lewis heads BSA Interim Executive

Lewis heads BSA Interim Executive


Lorson Lewis has been elevated to the position of President of an Interim Executive of the Barrouallie Sports Association (BSA), taking over from Anton Caesar, who tendered his resignation recently.{{more}}

Lewis said Caesar cited lack of co-operation for his decision.

Lewis’ position was formalized earlier this month by a decision taken by the remaining core members of the Executive.

Stating that he could not stand idly by and see the association crumble in the face of some adversities, Lewis said that he bravely took up the mantle.

“I am a lover of sports, and we being labelled that we could not get back together, so we, the committed ones, decided to step up to the plate,” Lewis, who held the position of Committee member on the previous Executive, told SEARCHLIGHT last Friday afternoon.

“It was a joint effort on the part of the remaining Executive members to incorporate as much persons as possible to broaden the operations of the association,” he said.

The BSA is responsible for the hosting of sporting competitions in Barrouallie, namely football, netball and softball cricket.

Lewis said this was the main reason for having a large pool of Committee Members, as they will for fill the various sub committees responsible for the administration of the competitions.

There are eight committee members on the Interim Executive and Lewis said that his organization is looking to further incorporate more members. The BSA will this Saturday open its Softball Competition.

Lewis said that his organization is endeavouring to keep sports alive in the community, hence, they have undertaken the task of assisting the various schools in the area with the staging of the events, starting with their Athletics Meets.

Asked if he is willing to stay as head of the organisation when formal elections are due in January 2012, Lewis said at this time he is unsure, as he has certain personal goals to accomplish.

The rest of the Interim Executive are Vice President, Lance Caesar; Secretary, Casintha Duncan; Assistant Secretary, Austinsha Solomon; Treasurer, Moeth Gaymes; Public Relations Officer, Trelson Mapp; and Ex-Officio member, Trunos Fraser.

The Committee Members are Ronen Francis, Devron Poyer, Alvin Walker, Calvert Cordice, Edson Gordon, Albertha Davis, Philcol Jeffers and Markniel Lewis. (RT)