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SVGFF will have a new Technical Director by month end

SVGFF will have a new Technical Director by month end


The Executive of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) is set to employ a full time Technical Director by January 31, this year.{{more}}

This is one of the resolutions that came out of a FIFA Professionalisation Seminar, held last Saturday, at the Grenadine House.

The employment of a Technical Director was part of a set of resolutions called the “Grenadines House Resolutions”.

The vacancy was created last October, when Samuel Carrington was sacked, after a string of poor results by all representative teams.

It is expected that the new man will be non-Vincentian.

Carrington, a Vincentian based in the United States of America, served in the post for just over eleven months.

Carrington took over from Englishman Stewart John Hall, who lasted five months in the post. Hall quit in June 2008, after this country’s ousting by Canada in the World Cup Qualifiers.

Prior to Hall, this country was served by Serbian Zoran Vranes, from September 2004 to October 2007.

Vranes is presently Trinidad and Tobago’s Under-20 coach. Vranes’ entry into the Vincentian Football set-up was at the expense of the English duo of Cess Podd and Aide Shaw.

Before them, Jamaican/ American Lenny Taylor took over from Carrington in 2000.

Taylor was also in charge during 1995. Trinidadian Bertille St. Clair was summoned in 1996, after the Louis Daisley-led administration fired Adolphus “Pabits” Davis, another Vincentian based in the USA.

St. Clair was the man at the helm for the remainder of the 1998 World Cup Qualifiers. Jim Conway, another of British descent, had a brief six-month stint in 1999.

Brazilian Jorge Ramos was the first foreign Technical Director back in 1992, after former national captain Elliot “Morie” Millington successfully guided this country to the semi-final stage of CONCACAF Zone of the 1994 World Cup Qualifiers.

Critical too, among the resolutions, is the completion and commissioning of the Goal Project One, which is the construction of a Technical Centre at the Brighton Playing Field.

Also part of the Grenadines House Resolutions 2011, are the implementation of an effective monitoring and evaluation system for optimal functioning of our youth programme and the development and implementation of a system of Coaches’ certification, to certify a minimum of 50 coaches by December, 31, 2012.

The former has an implementation date of the end of February.

By July 31, this year, the SVGFF plans to employ a communication consultant / part-time officer, and develop strategies for engaging and communicating with each stakeholder, as well as structured activities to engage the media and improve the functioning of its Website.

Also set for implementation by July 31, 2011, is the development of business and marketing, whereby there will be increased merchandizing/ branding, selling of intellectual property, the improvement of a football package, added to the improvement in gate receipts.

And, finally, the SVGFF will adopt a debt management strategy to ensure debt levels are within manageable range. The time line for implementation is also the end of July 2011.

Last Saturday’s Seminar had as its facilitators Kevan Pipe and Chris Collie, FIFA consultants, Darryl Warner, CONCACAF Development Officer and Howard Mc Intosh of the Jamaica Football Federation.

The Professionalisation Seminar was also attended by delegates from St. Lucia, Grenada, Suriname and St. Kitts and Nevis.(RT)