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National Netball Tournament incorporates Veterans Division


When the 2011 edition of the Digicel National Netball Club Tournament opens on Sunday, March 11, at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex, there will be a new division, for persons over the age of 40 years.{{more}}

President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association (SVGNA) Godfrey Harry told SEARCHLIGHT that such a division is being introduced because of his association’s thrust towards bringing back the crowds to Netball.

“This will help bring back the older folks back in the game, and persons will want to see the players of yesteryear play among themselves,” Harry stated.

The Netball President said the move to introduce the division also came from players who want to play, but were not willing to compete among the younger, more energetic and competitive players.

In the current national Netball tournament, Vets Sports Club is the only active over 40’s team; they also participate in the Ashburton Sports and Culture Organisation and the Calliaqua Area Development Organisation’s competitions.

Harry is excited about the new division, as he forsees some innovations to encourage participation, and at the same time keep the interest going.

Harry said from his recollection, it may be the first time that a bona fide national Veterans Netball Competition will be staged here.

In addition to the introduction of the new age category, Harry said his organization will be looking favourably towards the reduction of the number of clubs participating in this year’s tournament, as according to him, “We are looking at quality than quantity.”

For the past ten years, the national tournaments have seen at times in excess of fifty teams/clubs participating.

Harry made reference to the hard stance he and his Executive had to take last year in relation to two teams which were ejected from the tournament after they had defaulted two matches.

The Netball boss is adamant that it is time that standards are set to make the national tournament a more reputable venture, as his organization strives to rebuild the sport.

Harry is also adamant that the 2011 tournament will begin on March 6 with whichever clubs are registered. (RT)