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Dallaway leads East to victory in Sion Hill Inter-Village Competition

Dallaway leads East to victory in Sion Hill Inter-Village Competition


A first half strike by Dorian Dallaway gave East a one-nil win over West in the inaugural Hairoun Beer Hold Your Own All Star Match of the Sion Hill Inter-Village Competition.{{more}}

Last Sunday’s All Star Match, at the Sion Hill Playing Field, featured several players who represented Sion Hill and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as players who have since migrated.

The match was dubbed “Divide to Unite,” as the two teams were selected from the six which made up the 2010 -2011 competition.

The East team comprised players from Mala Village and Walvaroo, while the West was made up of players from Village and Roseau.

Organizers said that the match served two purposes: first, to unite the community after the divisions caused by the last General Elections, and secondly, to serve as a warm up for the competition’s final, which had to be postponed because of the General Elections, the Christmas Season and the advancement of the Sion Hill team in the Hairoun Beer Arnos Vale Football League.

The All Star Match, already designated as an annual event, was used as a prelude to the final set for this Sunday’s, January 9 game between Walvaroo City and Top Roseau.

Sunday’s final is a rematch of the 2009 final, when Walvaroo City triumphed over Top Roseau.

During the preliminary round of competition, Top Roseau turned the tables on the defending champions, hence making this Sunday’s final all the more interesting.

Following Sunday’s match, the Presentation and Closing Ceremony will take place.