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The restorative work at the Sion Hill Playing Field, aimed at getting rid of the build up of water at the stagnant south eastern end of the facility, is being hampered by the continual rainfall that St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been experiencing for the past months.{{more}}

The build up of water has left the area in a pool-like condition, but Manager of the National Sports Council (NSC) Osbourne Browne told SEARCHLIGHT that efforts are being made to rectify the situation. He, however, said they have encountered a problem of getting close to the area, because of its sogginess.

Browne told SEARCHLIGHT last Tuesday that the plan is to have the area filled with sand and boulders in order to raise the level of the playing surface.

Browne explained that the NSC in consultation with the Chief Engineer, officials of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) and other technical officials, last October, were the ones who came up with the plan of action.

The NSC Manager said that dirt from the ‘ Mound’ has been earmarked to provide some of the back filing.

He said, however, with some work already completed with the placing of sand, the process had to be slowed down because of the current weather conditions.

Browne recalled one truck getting stuck in the area as it continues to be on the soft side.

The effect of the water became evident in early August, when a heavy overnight shower resulted in the fence on the western side of the field giving way, depositing large amounts of water on the eastern side.

Browne said that since then, the water has not been subsiding, because of other mitigating factors.

These include the constant run off from the abandoned incinerator which adds to the settling of water.

Browne said that, additionally, the water table in that area has risen, adding to their woes.

The Sion Hill Playing Field was one of three venues that underwent a major upgrade in 2006 in preparation for the hosting of warm up matches for Cricket World Cup 2007.

Among the work done at the Sion Hill Playing were the resurfacing and re-grassing of the entire outfield, a drainage system, as well as the erection of a perimeter fence.

Other upgrades included the re-construction of a pavilion, fitted with better dressing rooms, two umpires’ rooms, a kitchenette and a small office space.

Browne revealed that the work to be done on the field will take some time, and could restrict the amount of cricket activity which takes there in 2011, as the work will mainly affect the cricket arena.

He said that the national cricket competitions, put on by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association, will be mainly affected, as they often begin during the first two months of the year. (RT )