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Firms Netball Competition finishes in fine style

Firms Netball Competition finishes in fine style

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The Firms and Industrial Netball Competition came to a fitting end last Saturday evening at the Kingstown Netball Centre with the finals between the two power houses: NBC Radio and the Ministry of Education Teachers.{{more}}

And, the script went true to form, as Teachers had the narrowest of wins over their opponents.

NBC radio, with former national standout players in their ranks: Dellarice Duncan and Skiddy Francis-Crick, was the more fancied, and this showed up in the earlier part of the match, as NBC Radio sped to 13-9 and 28-24 leads at the end of the first two quarters. The third quarter saw Teachers seeking out a one-point lead, but NBC Radio still led 36-35, going into the last quarter.

The game went right down to the wire, as Teachers ploughed back to end the contest 45-44 in their favour.

Player of the Final, Amanda Quow, scored 23 of her 36 tries, with Cheryl Alexander completing 22 of her 42, for the triumphant Teachers team.

For the second best NBC Radio, Francis-Crick with her usual accurate display, poured in 41 of her 44 and Kerlita Fessal scored 3 from 7.

Bishop’s College took the third spot, as they distanced Combined Banks. The scores were level 5-5 at the end of the first quarter, but Bishops took charge thereafter, leading 10-7, 17-10 and finally 24-13.

Monique Hull of the CWSA, the Most Disciplined Team as well as the Best Dressed team on show, was adjudged her team’s Most Valuable Player (MVP).

Collecting that the award for the winning outfit, Teachers, was Kelisah Ashton and for NBC Radio Asha Providence. Michelle Pompey was Combined Banks’ MVP, with Cedel Nero being that person for Bishops College. For the Ministry of Transport and Works, it was Keturah Durrant.

The 2010 edition was a return of competition which was last held in 2006.(RT)