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Young wins SVGS Tennis title

Young wins SVGS Tennis title


Marley Young was the last person standing when the St. Vincent Grammar School In-House Tennis Competition came to a close last Tuesday afternoon, at the National Lotteries Authority facility at Richmond Hill.{{more}}

In a competitive final, Young defeated Akeem Guy, 9-6. En route to the final, Young beat Leopold Joyette, 9-8 in the semi-final, with Guy dispensing of Chad Francis, 9-4 in their semi-final clash.

Played on a knockout format, the competition began November 15 with a total of 16 players and concluded with Young and Guy battling for honours.

The competition was staged by the Physical Education students as part of their CSEC Examinations.

Physical Education teacher at the SVGS Rawlson Morgan told SEARCHLIGHT that it was a novel way of hosting such a competition, as it did not interfere with the students’ other subject areas’ instructional time.

This was a result of the games being held during the Physical Educational classes, as well as during the lunch period, 12 noon to 1 p.m.

The officials all came from within the school body, which Morgan said, was able to teach them the rules of tennis, and equip them with skills of officiating.

The competition also had the expertise of the hierarchy of the X- Cel Tennis School, which has formed a close relationship with the St. Vincent Grammar School, not only in tennis, but also in the field of track and field athletics. (RT)