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‘Not under this system’ says Tusty

‘Not under this  system’ says Tusty

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Marlon “Tusty” James says he still has some more international football matches in him for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but he will not do so, under the watch of current Technical Director and Head Coach, Samuel “Sammy” Carrington and his current coaching staff.{{more}}

James, who captained this country’s team in the last World Cup sojourn in a two match tie against Canada in 2008, did not make himself available for the recent Digicel Caribbean Cup matches, here last month and in Trinidad and Tobago, last week.

James, a striker and a 15-year veteran of the national team, told SEARCHLIGHT that the organisation of the national team is “scrappy and disorganised”.

James was here in time for the two friendly matches against Grenada, held at the Victoria Park on September 17 and 19. He said that was when he picked up that all was not well in the team.

James, who turns 34 in a week’s time, was released by the Vancouver Whitecaps on August 5. He joined the Whitecaps on December 23, 2008, after spending four seasons in Malaysia.

With his professional training, James said he thought he would have been given a training itinerary of the team leading up to this hosting of the group here.

“It was real disgusting attitude-wise and the organisation,” James complained.

“Having been coached under Sammy (Carrington) in 2,000, I was really surprised with his level of discipline with the players,” James, who has been a professional footballer for the past 11 years, stated.

However, at the conclusion of Group B, on October 10, James said he was willing to put the shortcomings behind him, for the good of the national team and St. Vincent and the Grenadines as a whole.

He said he was summoned to a meeting with Carrington at the SVGFF’s office at New Montrose, with a view to head out to Trinidad and Tobago for the second round of competition.

James said that meeting did little to change his perception about Carrington’s coaching acumen and his objectives for the development of Football in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“The team is not well structured, and there is no professional approach to the coaching,” James said without reservations.

James believes that with Carrington’s laissez-faire approach, the players are seemingly controlling the team.

“I am not blaming the players, neither Sammy alone, but the entire coaching staff and the Executive too,” James added.

The former national captain is therefore calling for a radical shake up in the structure of football here.

As it relates to his future, James said that he has some service left in him for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, once he remains fit and healthy, but reiterated the prerequisite to get the proper systems in place.

Part of James’ recommendation is for the employment of a foreign Technical Director.

Carrington was re -appointed Technical Director in November 2009. Since he has been in charge, the senior women’s team lost their two matches in the World Cup Qualifiers in Guyana this year. The Under-17 male team, likewise was beaten in all three qualification matches in Suriname, also earlier this year.

The male senior outfit has won one match and drawn two, in the Digicel Caribbean Cup first round.

The team then lost all three matches in the second round last week in Trinidad and Tobago.

In international friendlies, his record shows two wins, one loss and a draw.

Carrington took over from English man Stewart John Hall, who lasted five months in the post, from February to June 2008. (RT)