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Brighton Methodist School receives table tennis facility from LIME

Brighton Methodist School receives table tennis facility from LIME

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Grade 5 student Princeton Browne texted his way to glory last April during LIME’s CARIFTA games promotions.{{more}}

LIME was a major sponsor of the games which were held in the Cayman Islands this year and the telecommunications provider promises continued sponsorship of the event.

Princeton is the brother of Preston Browne, who tragically lost his life in a drowning incident at Rawacou Beach. Princeton’s phone was given to him by his brother Preston. When Princeton sent the winning text and he received the news of his winning, he immediately asked his mother Joyanne Browne if the project could be dedicated to his brother Preston.

On Monday, October 25, as part of Independence celebrations, officials of LIME, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Sports and students of the Brighton Methodist School were there to witness when LIME General Manager Angus Steele handed over the table tennis board, rackets and balls to Princeton.

The ceremony was well organized by the headteacher, LaVerne Warrican, and teachers of the school.

Addressing the gathering, Senior Education Officer Jacqueline Glasgow-Browne expressed satisfaction with the project and congratulated LIME for coming on board with this project.

“Learning can be fun if you mix it with sporting activities. Table tennis is a game for life and is one of the less injurious sports. I encourage all you students to learn a sport, and this tennis facility dedicated to you in Princeton’s honor is a true indication of unselfishness,” said Glasgow-Browne.

Headteacher Mrs. Warrican express thanks to LIME and Princeton for adding to the limited sporting facilities at the school. “The school is known for drama and drumming, and we are happy to have this table tennis facility to add some diversity for the students to enjoy” explained Mrs. Warrican.

General Manager Angus Steele outlined the project and congratulated Princeton for being a LIME customer and winning the prize.

“The winning prize is worth $5000, and we have spent in excess of that so that Princeton’s dream can come true. This is an unselfish move by Princeton and his mother Joyanne, and I am sure they will be remembered for a long time. LIME is the main sponsor of the CARIFTA games and the winner had to identify a project that will benefit a school. Princeton has made a good choice,” Steele said.