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Congrats to sporting women


Our Caribbean sportswomen have put in some outstanding performances over the past week and deserve our congratulations{{more}}

First, to our own Natasha Mayers, who was eventually awarded the gold medal for the 100-metres women’s sprint at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. While Natasha’s gold medal success came at the unfortunate disqualification of others who finished ahead of her in the race, she only too well knows the pain. It is said in local parlance that “you have to be in it to win it”, and Natasha was certainly in it at the finish. What an appropriate Independence gift to our tiny nation!

The West Indies women’s cricket team are runners-up to host team South Africa in the International Cricket Conference’s (ICC) one-day tournament. With two Vincentians in the team: Cordel Jack and Juliana Nero, this team accomplished what Caribbean cricket fans yearn for from their male counterparts. Another great Independence offering!

Our women have done us proud!