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Remembering the glory days

Remembering the glory days


Last Tuesday evening, a small but lively group of football lovers met at the Peace Memorial Hall to journey down memory lane with some of SVG’s former national soccer greats.{{more}}

The session, which was convened primarily to highlight the glory days of “Juniors Sports Club”, famous for having reigned supreme in soccer here in SVG during the period 1954 to 1964, was chaired by Calton “Cally” Horne, who incidentially is a walking encyclopedia in terms of sporting events and dates in the past. The meeting was very informal, reminiscent of one of those lively and humourous street sessions after an exciting soccer game.

The discussion was not without its usual soccer flares, especially when the inevitable questions were raised: “Who was the best goal-keeper, best defender, best striker?” While the answers to all of these questions still remain inconclusive, patrons, however, were thrilled as they listened to snippets of the past, mainly treasured moments (experiences) from a number of former national players who participated in the game during the period 1950 to 1984: Bertram Hall in the early 1950’s, defenders “Cally” Horne and Raymond De bique; strikers George Boyce and Castine Quashie (1950’s and 1960’s), Guy Lowe, a star of the 70’s and 80’s. Other valuable contributions came from Leroy Providence and Earl “Cabba” Bennett, a former secretary of the SVG FF, possibly the youngest person in the audience. It was rather unfortunate that at such an historic occasion, for whatever reason, there was no one from the current generation of soccer players or any representative from the SVG FF in attendance.